Company History

Rollwright have come along way since the glory years. The company was started in a workshop, no bigger than our current showroom kitchen.

Our commitment to customer service satisfaction and value for money has enabled us to grow into the industry leaders today!


The company was founded

It’s been almost 30 years since we first opened workshops in the tiny workspace at Cathcart Street, opened by S J Wright. Two years later we moved to bigger premises in Holborn Square, and eventually in 1998 we moved to our current location on Corporation Road.

Appointed a new director

In 2002 Steve M Wright became our director, and a year later we replaced our old signs with a fully rebranded white and green logo.

Opened first showroom

In 2005 Rollwright opened their first garage door showroom in Hoylake on Market Street, marking a significant step forward in the company’s history.

Opened our brand-new manufacturing facility

In 2012, Rollwright started to manufacture it's own brand of garage doors. After 14 years of fitting rollers doors, Steve M Wright introduced Rollwright's own manufactured garage doors. We then proceeded to move into our current showroom with a larger working space and fully functional showroom.

Become digitally active

As recently as this year we launched our brand new state of the art website as well as our separate facility for manufacturing door lathes.